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The Story (Week 11)

Pastor Todd continues The Story

The Story (Week 9)

Pastor Todd continues our series on The Story

The Story (Week 8)

Pastor Todd continues our series on The Story

The Story (Week 7)

Pastor Todd continues The Story.

The theme of The Story this week is ‘The Battle Begins…”. Here are some questions to think about during the week:
1. How could Joshua be ‘strong and courageous’ in such an intimidating situation/
2. What do you learn about God from the story of the salvation of Rahab the prostitute?
3. What do the string of amazing battle victories the people experienced as they entered the land reveal about who is really in charge of history?
4. Why did God order the Israelites to go to war against others? How was this way justified?
5. How did Joshua challenge the people in his final speech?
6. Why do you think God lavished blessings on Joshua and all the Israelites, who, like Joshua, trusted God?
7. What practical steps can you take to gain a deeper faith in God?

The Story (Week 6)

Pastor Todd continues The Story.

Week 6 questions to consider:
1. What do you think was the root cause of most of the Israelites’ problems? Why?
2. How did God respond to the people’s lack of faith?
3. Why is God so radically opposed to sin?
4. What do you learn from Moses’ leadership throughout this difficult period? How did he display his frustration and faith?
5. Have you ever felt as if you were “wandering in the wilderness”—spiritually or emotionally? Explain.

The Story (Week 5)

Pastor Todd continues The Story.

Some questions for further thought:
1. How were the people to prepare themselves to meet with God?
2. What does this story of giving these new commands tell you about the character of God?
3. What was the purpose of the Ten Commandments?
4. How can God be both the merciful forgiver of sin and the punisher of the guilty?
5. The Israelites became impatient and finally made a golden idol in the shape of a calf for themselves. What are some false gods/idols worshiped in our society today?
6. The Lord spoke to Moses ‘as one speaks to a friend.’ What steps can you take to gain a deeper understanding of who God is?

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