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The Story (Part 2)

Pastor Todd continues The Story.

For further thought:
1. Abraham left his homeland and family to follow God. What did God say his reward would be?
2. What might God be asking you to give up to follow him?
3. What made Abraham righteous in God’s sight? How is this fact relevant for your life?
4. Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? What did Abraham—and Isaac—learn from this experience?
5. Because Jacob had shrewdly acquired Esau’s birthright and stolen their father’s blessing, Jacob feared his brother’s revenge. How did Jacob prepare for his meeting with Esau?
6. What attitude did Jacob have when he wrestled with the “man” who Jacob eventually realized was actually God?

The Story (Week 1)

Pastor Todd begins our new journey into the scriptures.

Some questions to think about this week:
1. In what ways was life in the original creation different from life as we know it today?
2. Why did God create humans in his own image? What does this mean?
3. What was the root cause of Adam and Eve’s sin against God?
4. Why did God put the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden?
5. Why did God bring the flood upon the earth?
6. What does this act of judgement tell you about God?

The Elephant Series (Part 6) – POOR AUDIO

Pastor Derek finishes our Elephant Series.

The Elephant Series (Part 5)

Pastor Kevin continues our Elephant series

Guest Speaker: Julius Kenyamanyara

Julius is a PAOC Global Worker in Tanzania.

Guest Speaker: David Courey

David Courey is a PAOC Global Worker

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