Children (Newborn to Grade 5) & Young Families

We are all about kids and young families at GTC. There’s tons going on for you and your children!

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Students (Grades 6 – 12)

  • Summit Jr High (Grades 6-8) Summit Jr High is a group bible study where we learn all about following Jesus. It’s high energy fun with games and prizes that you don’t want to miss. Bring a friend! Follow Summit Jr High on Instagram @summitjrhigh
  • Summit Youth (Grades 9-12) Summit Youth is where teenagers can grow in their faith, learn about the Bible, have a blast with friends and just be real. Bring your thoughts. Bring your questions. Bring a friend. See you there. Follow the Summit on Instagram @summityouth_gtc
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University, College and Young Professionals (18 – 25 years)

Glad Tidings Young Adults is a collective of students and young professionals who meet regularly to grow in community with our church, each other and in our relationship with God. We have tons of fresh stuff going on.

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Women’s Connection is a ministry by and for women between the ages of 15 and 115.  We have a threefold purpose – to connect and build up the women of Glad Tidings, to reach out and draw in women from across our city and to bless and serve those who need a helping hand – all while having fun and building friendships!

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Equipping men to be followers of Jesus and active parts of the Christian community through our many ministry expressions (services, Life Groups, volunteering opportunities, etc.) and other special events.

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North of 50 (50 – 69 Years)

North of 50 seeks to serve, encourage and minister to those in our community in their 50s and 60s. Through partnering with JOY and other social events we seek to build community and social interaction to serve God and the community.

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JOY (70+ years)

JOY seeks to serve, encourage and minister to those in our community in their 70’s and upward. JOY and friends have several yearly and special events to build on the existing community atmosphere to continue to serve God and the community.

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Deaf Ministry

Come join us on our journey to finding Christ in the hearts of the Deaf community.

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