A New Year’s Reflection

A New Year’s Reflection

From guest contributor Valerie Morse

With the Christmas season a fond memory now fading, we look ahead. There is something about the turning of the calendar that makes us to be quite forward-looking. Perhaps this is why people tend to make new year’s resolutions…for the future to improve on the past…to somehow do better in the days ahead.

As we venture into 2018, however, it might serve us well to be a bit back-ward looking. Not too far back. Just to the season of Christmas past…a season where we so often ‘draw near’…at candlelight services…family gatherings…dinner tables…family photos. There is a joy and comfort in drawing near to those we love.

How awesome a thought that Christ drew near…taking on the form of human flesh. We celebrate this at Christmas. From manger to cross, people were drawn to this One who drew near to them. Magi, bringing costly gifts, and poor shepherds, bringing only themselves. Throughout the ages, there has been a ‘drawing near’ around the manger, and ultimately, a drawing near around the cross…the highly esteemed and the lowest of low…all may gather near…the whosoever that the Bible tells us may come…

This new year, may we present our hearts and lives afresh to this wonderful Saviour. May we draw near each day, to the One who drew near to us. May the love and joy that drew us at Christmas, draw us all year through. Each day fresh…each day new. May each morning that we wake be as exciting as waking up each Christmas morning…no greater gift could await us…than meeting with the One who can settle our past and walk with us into our future.

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.” (James 4:8) 

Happy New Year!!!