Gifts are the best, aren’t they?

Gifts are the best, aren’t they?

We are working through a sermon series on the Spiritual Gifts. Spiritual Gifts are abilities that are given to us (supernaturally) by God through his Spirit when we come into a relationship with Jesus. From Pastor Todd’s notes, they are listed below in alphabetical order:

Administration: The ability to govern and steer the efforts of a group of people.

Apostle: One who is sent by Christ to establish His church.

Distinguishing between spirits: The ability to discern whether or not an activity or situation is of God.

Encouraging/exhorting: Coming alongside other believers to comfort, exhort, console, counsel, and strengthen them.

Evangelist: Someone who has the ability to communicate the gospel effectively to nonbelievers.

Faith: Confidently believing God for things that only He can do.

Giving/Contributing to needs: Generously providing resources and money.

Healing: Being used by God to heal illness or injury apart from natural means.

Interpretation of tongues: The ability to understand and “translate” what is being spoken by someone with the gift of tongues.

Knowledge (Word of/utterances of): An understanding of the things of God.

Leadership: Empowerment to take charge of and lead others with care and diligence

Mercy: Perceiving people’s afflictions, helping and consoling them.

Miraculous powers: Being used by God as a channel for supernatural acts.

Pastor: One who cares for the spiritual needs of a group of people and assumes responsibility for their spiritual welfare.

Prophet: One who forth tells. (Not foretells).

Prophecy: Receiving and speaking God’s message to His people, or in regard to a situation, person, or culture.

Serving/Able to help others/helps: Ministering to others by attending to and supplying what they need.

Teaching: Explaining and communicating God’s truth in a way that instructs others.

Tongues: Speaking to God or to others in a language, known or unknown, that is unfamiliar to the speaker.

Wisdom (Word of/utterances of): An understanding of how to apply God-given knowledge; insight into God’s ways.

If you’d like to learn more about what Spiritual Gifts you have, head on over to to take a test to discover your gifts.