Kind Words and Kind Hearts

Kind Words and Kind Hearts

by guest contributor Valerie Morse

“A word aptly spoken, is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”
(Proverbs 25:11)

As I stood in the store browsing through Valentine’s Day cards to send to loved ones, I was carefully reading the words, to see if they held the message that I wanted to convey to each one I was sending a card to. Words are so important. God has much to say about words. They are powerful.

When I was a young person, my father would always advise me to observe a person. Really observe them. Listen to them. And not only when they were speaking to me, but when they were speaking to others. And even more so, when they were speaking about others. Were they careful as they spoke? Did they weigh their words carefully before speaking?

I have always been thankful for that advise, because it has supplied a lifetime of wisdom in life and relationship choices…and as another Valentine’s Day and Family Day are approaching, it just seems to be more and more relevant, as people continue to come into our lives. Family circles grow as children marry and grandchildren arrive. And so, we carefully pick out cards that convey from our hearts to theirs, sentiments that express in words what our hearts want to say.

As we give cards and gifts to those we love, may we also give them the gift of intangibles. May we pass on to them by our example, the gift of kind words. May they observe us, as we weigh our words carefully before speaking. May they see us in our everyday lives, treating others with respect. May they notice that we do not speak unkindly about others.

The Bible tells us that “from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Matt. 12:34). Our family, and those with whom we deal on a daily basis, will observe our hearts with their ears. At this special time of the year, when we celebrate love and family, may we give those whom we love, one of the greatest gifts of all…our example…for them to emulate and pass on to others…of kind words…and kind hearts.