A February Reflection

A February Reflection

by guest contributor Valerie Morse

He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.”

Psalm 147:3

February has come to be known as the heart month. Strange, that the coldest month of the year should be chosen as a heart month, but in many ways, it is very appropriate. The Heart Foundation encourages everyone to get out and exercise that muscle in the chest which is needing to be used. Winter can be a very sedentary time for many and an encouragement to get up and get moving is most likely well-timed, and needed even more so at this time of the year.

Hearts can be fragile emotionally, as well. Although Valentine’s Day and Family Day are certainly days to look forward to and celebrate, for some, they are just painful reminders of wounds that run deep. During this season of celebrating love, there are many injured hearts that feel pain even more acutely. The loss of a loved one through death or divorce…separation or a growing apart. A spouse, a child or a parent…those who have our hearts, are the very ones who can break them like none other.

Wounds are not always visible. Wounds of the heart can be concealed from those around us. They hurt in ways that physical wounds cannot even come close to, in their sheer difference.

In time, wounds will eventually become scars. When my children were young, I used to refer to their scars as ‘war wounds’ to make them look on their former injuries with some pride. When the bandaid was removed, they would look with anticipation, and a bit of apprehension, to see what had taken place underneath that protective cover. But the process of going from injury to scar takes time…some longer than others.

God’s Word assures us that God himself desires to bind up our broken hearts. He can be the covering over our pain, as the healing slowly takes place beneath. Spending time with the Healer of our hearts, causes the pain to subside and the healing to begin. It is not always a quick-fix, but if we patiently wait upon the Lord, and let Him take over the healing process, one day we will realize that day by day, the wound was improving, and when the time comes to look within, we will find that healing has indeed, taken place. The scar of course, will always remain, but our view of it can be one of triumph, as it will be a reminder of God’s faithfulness…His provision…and His healing love.

Happy February, everyone!