From the Cradle to the Cross

From the Cradle to the Cross

from guest contributor Valerie Morse

But a time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such as these to worship Him.”

(John 4:23)

Times of celebration have always been marked as times of gathering. We decorate our homes, buy gifts and prepare special meals that will be enjoyed together around the table. Friends and family are warmly welcomed with hugs and laughter as they enter our homes. Our houses are filled with life. 

When our children were young, my husband made a special request. He asked that our Easter be celebrated in a bigger way than Christmas. Not to detract from Christmas and its joyous message. We would still celebrate the arrival of our Saviour as we always had, but as he pondered the deeper implications of what we were celebrating at Easter, his heart was moved to suggest this.

I thought back to my childhood with the excitement of Christmas just around the corner…of the lighting of candles and the singing of ‘O come, O come Emmanuel’. The wonder and awe of the season…and then I remembered the Easter of my childhood…once again filled with wonder and awe…but of a different kind.

If at any time during Christ’s time on earth, he had decided not to go to the cross, the joy of Christmas would have been emptied of its meaning. But he did go. He did pay that price for our sins, that we could not pay. The whole purpose of Christmas, was Easter. The cradle would one day lead to the cross…the wonder continues to fill my heart.

During this very difficult time for our nation and for the world, may we not lose that awe and wonder this Easter. May we be ever so aware that the cross led to an open tomb…that his death opened the way for us to enjoy eternal life. 

Just as we celebrated Easter with our young children…sharing gifts, given from the heart, may I invite you to celebrate it by accepting the greatest gift ever given? The gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus…so freely given, and yet so costly to our Saviour…

Our Easter Day will be different without the ability to gather with family, friends or church members, but may we be ever aware that God is with us, just as he promised he would be…in our hearts…Christ has risen! He is risen, indeed!

Happy Easter, everyone!!!