Our Hope and Security

Our Hope and Security

A Christmas Reflection by guest contributor Valerie Morse

There are so many words and phrases that have been repeating these last several years. The word ‘insecurity’ seems to be a recurring one, and we hear it applied to so many situations. People are feeling insecure with matters of health, government, inflation, employment, education and, really, life in general. With these feelings of insecurity, comes an unsettledness, manifesting itself in various ways…fear, depression, hopelessness.

This Christmas season has been anticipated by many as a time to once more gather, once more rejoice, once more feel light and full of hope, despite the reality of insecurities that surround us. Many who are striving for these longed-for feelings, are once again losing hope, as stormy weather overtakes most of the country. Cancelled flights, poor road conditions and televised advice to stay home where it is safe and warm, are the messages going out across most of the nation.

Our homes that always felt like a sanctuary from the storms of life, are now the last place that we want to be. We want to be out mingling with those whom we haven’t been able to embrace for so long. Togetherness. Man was not created to be alone. The security of a longed for embrace. The security of being with those we love.

Perhaps our plans may have to change. We may have to look deeper for that security that our hearts yearn for. That unchanging security, not affected by ever changing food prices and mortgage rate hikes, real as they are.

I have always loved the reality of a covenant God. Unchanging…never fluctuating with times or circumstances. Covenant. An agreement unlike any that man-kind can formulate, from the early days of a hand shake that would seal a deal to modern day legal contracts with umpteen stipulations carefully documented. A covenant…certain…binding…unchanging…and birthed of love.

Our Covenant God, whose word is unchanging and secure. True security. We read of His covenant with Abraham, that he would be the father of many nations, His covenant with David, that from his blood line would come the Messiah. And now, today, He makes a covenant with all who come by faith and place their hope in Him. ‘But as many as received him, to them he gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in his name.’ (John 1:12)

At Christmas time, as we look to the manger, may we see the evidence of our covenant God, who sent his son, as he promised he would. For us. May our hearts be open to receive him this year. Our hope and security…Jesus.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!